Guilty Pleasures


We’ve got so foodie and ‘up ourselves’ these days, as my cousin Dewey pointed out, we all enjoy and rave about these great and innovative foods, recipes, restaurants but we don’t talk about those basic items that we eat behind closed doors! Are we are a little bit embarrassed about them?

I’m getting them out there for all to see.

Not that guilty really, so here is my top ten of foods that I wouldn’t shout about but that I regularly enjoy – for my actual dinner – in the privacy of my own home…..

  1. Marmite sandwich on plastic bread.
  2. Fish paste sandwich on any bread, often stale ends…
  3. Egg and chips
  4. Cold baked beans out of the can
  5. Petit Filous that I buy when peoples kids are around….in the hope they will be left for me (the desserts not the kids).
  6. All the skanky veg in the fridge fried and covered with some of that Chinese chip shop jarred curry sauce.
  7. Concoctions when I come home after too much to drink (last was flour tortillas, spread with marmite with a fried egg and cheese – in the frying pan, folded in half. I scattered coriander over it, I know this because the next day I found the kitchen  floor covered in it….
  8. Cornflakes
  9. Raw mushrooms straight from the fridge.
  10. Left over Yorkshire puddings covered in golden syrup.

I could go on! What are yours?? Please do comment…….!!!!

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. I’m with the marmite too, full English – at ant time, cheese on toast, rice pudding the way my Mum used to make it, Heinz tomato soup, bacon sardines. I’m off to cook my breakfast now…

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