I am the Catcher of the Rye



Found this sandwich,what a beauty!

This is the salt beef Rubens from “KIOSK” in Kings Cross.

It was £7.75 but … This was the regular, you can go large. I didn’t need dinner last night.

So the salt beef is tender, warm and hand carved to give really good slices, the sauerkraut is tangy, it’s on black rye bread and Russian dressing with Swiss cheese finish it off. It’s a trip round Europe, American style is what it is.

They also do a small range of other fantastic sarnies including the slow cooked pork belly with apple compote and sage, stuffing (it’s delicious) and the Turkey and Bacon is a treat.

I’ve been bad this week, I have been very fed up and it always leads to badness…

If only they did crab sandwich, well surely it would be the finest sandwich in all the wide world… having said that the sandwiches in my imaginary deli are at least on a par with this….with my added love and care they will surpass it.


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