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Here’s to you Mr Robinson

IMG_1267 The Harwood Arms – London SW6

I’ve been to the Harwood many times and based on previous experiences, we looked forward to Saturday’s lunch with great anticipation. Mike Robinson the chef who also owns the Pot Kiln Pub in Berkshire is one of the owners. The pub is located in Fulham, I used to work just around the corner, which was highly dangerous but now, I go there much more rarely. Continue reading Here’s to you Mr Robinson

I beg your Padron?


Hake is, and I shall have to be corrected if wrong as these things change, the UK’s most sustainable fish currently. However, it is not even close to being the most consumed fish in the UK. Hake reminds me of Spain, I’m told the Spanish adore it and so do I. If you’ve never had it, to me it’s like cod but with softer flakes.

Another thing I’m very keen on are padron peppers – being a mild, savoury tasting little pepper but with 1 in about every six being a knock you head off hot one, it’s like roulette. I love them. Continue reading I beg your Padron?