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Curious roots


Pan fried Sea bass, chervil roots, Mediterranean vegetables

Sea bass is something of a British favourite these days, it seems to me. I guess the soft white flesh that lends itself so well when filleted is fairly ‘user friendly’.

For me, fillets such as these are just the ultimate fast food and give a delicious but quick meal. Continue reading Curious roots

Sea Bass, Sam Cooke and Sunday…

IMG_1368Wild Sea Bass Baked in a Salt Crust

We had some family over for Easter Sunday lunch and had been pondering on what to make. Karl-Heinz and The Minx don’t eat meat and fish is always nice at Easter so we settled on that.

Going out with a vague idea of a large Turbot, as we would be seven in total, it was only after visitiIMG_3361ng a few purveyors of fine fish and  finding a limited selection did it dawn on us how awful the weather conditions had been this week – with raging winds and storms at sea….so we had a bit of a re-think. Continue reading Sea Bass, Sam Cooke and Sunday…

Steamed Sea Bass, Prawn and Ginger Dumplings, Chilli Spiced Broth

DSC_0211Good Fish Friday

I had my hands on some very nice farmed seabass recently and I felt like something light but tasty. One of the skills learned from my brother Karl-Heinz, many years ago, was throwing together a spicy brotIMG_3278h. This is generally put together from things we have in the fridge or larder and is great with pile of noodles and some veg, prawns etc. It’s a quick and simple thing that can be varied to taste and available ingredients – not a recipe as such just a bit of this and that. Continue reading Steamed Sea Bass, Prawn and Ginger Dumplings, Chilli Spiced Broth

The deep


My friend Marmoset hates fish. Not eating fish you understand, just looking at them, or swimming in any waters with positive sightings of them or in fact any evidence of their existence.

If ever she is naughty, the threat “Marmoset sleeps with the fishes” has been used… Continue reading The deep