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Thai Green Curry, London style…


Thai Green Curry is a wonderful thang, visiting Thailand last year we were treated to a more authentic variety and I have been trying to get to a home made version that really sings to me.

David Thompson’s Thai food is one of my favourite cook books, not just for the recipes but for the background stories and the way he describes the ingredients, the Thai people ad their approach to cooking as well as laying out the regional variations. This is a book with a cover made from pink silk  – need I say more? It is very dear to my heart, and I think anyone who would like to cook Thai food should go and buy this book immediately! Continue reading Thai Green Curry, London style…

Breakfast in London, Drinks in Africa, Supper in Bangkok, Cocktails in the sky


After months of anticipation we had finally arrived in Thailand and our first stop – Bangkok. Although shattered we had our priorities well and truly in order and following a quick survey of our rooms and a shower, we agreed to meet in reception to step out on the town.

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Bedtime Reading


I love my kindle and I use it well. Always reading before I sleep, a habit developed throughout stressful jobs in the past. I am also trying to become a little more minimalist about the house these days, but…I could not do without cookery books. It is one of a few things that borders on a bit of a sickness within me, some of the others being table cloths, shoes, little dishes, Chelsea FC, second hand china crockery, and so on. Continue reading Bedtime Reading