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Autumn sunshine in a dish

IMG_4265 I’ve been thinking a lot about Morocco this week, mainly because it’s coming up to a year since we were in Marrakech and when I woke today and peeped out…. There was a beautiful blue sky. It made me happy on a number of levels but in particular it made think of Morocco and those beautiful skies… Continue reading Autumn sunshine in a dish

Simple feast for 10 – it’s not ‘Rocket’ Science…


I’m in the midst of a theme of wanting to eat more veg, as a bit of carb junky I need this and the early summer is a great opportunity to do that.

As part of a lunch on Sunday, we were really keen to spend time chatting to our friends and not slaving in the kitchen so  we did a few different platters. This makes a change and takes away a bit of an issue in terms of making exact portions – it allows me to cater to a range of dietary requirements, as people can just help themselves. It also means we used some creativity and prep but also a few cheats for speed. Continue reading Simple feast for 10 – it’s not ‘Rocket’ Science…