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All things bright and beautiful


Chicken pesto traybake

January has finally hit us. I was away in Scotland for New Year and returning later softened the blues a little but, in what has been a very grey week up until today, I’ve now got a touch of early spring fever. It won’t last of course, it’s just the weather playing a little trick with this mildly spring-like day but it has made me think of brightness and beauty and that… well it’s good for the soul. Continue reading All things bright and beautiful

One Franglais day….Cider braised chicken


IMG_2751So this morning I was up early, read my favourite foodie blogs, cleaned the house from top to bottom, shopped, walked the doggy, emailed my cousin Cheesecake, did some washing, painted a table, spoke to Rocket (who is somewhere on route driving down from Aberdeen)… all before mid-day.

IMG_2780Whilst I hate housework, there is a certain satisfaction when the house is at it’s best – so I bought it some flowers…

Back to the tale…

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Simple feast for 10 – it’s not ‘Rocket’ Science…


I’m in the midst of a theme of wanting to eat more veg, as a bit of carb junky I need this and the early summer is a great opportunity to do that.

As part of a lunch on Sunday, we were really keen to spend time chatting to our friends and not slaving in the kitchen so  we did a few different platters. This makes a change and takes away a bit of an issue in terms of making exact portions – it allows me to cater to a range of dietary requirements, as people can just help themselves. It also means we used some creativity and prep but also a few cheats for speed. Continue reading Simple feast for 10 – it’s not ‘Rocket’ Science…