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The borderlands


Postcards from the Pyrenees…again

The Mountains form a natural border between France and Spain, but more than that they traverse the historical regions with their distinctive traditions, culinary and otherwise. To the west on both sides of the peaks is the Basque country, wonderful people who are rightly proud of their traditions, food studded with Pimentón, and an incomprehensible language with lots of X’s and J’s. From the beautiful Atlantic towns to the tiny coves that pepper the northern coastline, semi-sparkling crisp white wines like Txacoli (you see, it is unpronounceable but very drinkable!) and dishes that ooze with the warmth of spiced sausage alongside classics such as bacalao (salt cod). Continue reading The borderlands

The Gascon Paradox

IMG_1939Gascony, is a very ducky area. Typical dishes such as Cassoulet, and Confit Canard are synonymous with the area. Friends and neighbours here make their confit, which has been used as a way of preserving food for hundreds of years.

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Every day I look at the world from my window, but chilly, chilly is the evening time


When down at the shack in France we enjoy making recipes using the local white beans – these same beans are used in the traditional Cassoulet.

Often we have the luxury of having time to use the dried beans, soaking them in advance and cooking slowly to allow the flavours to be absorbed. They are a traditional option in our region, and very economical and when catering for large groups which is not to be sniffed at. Continue reading Every day I look at the world from my window, but chilly, chilly is the evening time