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Cep Platter


A Cep Platter maybe, but this was the wholesome, honest and good kind…….no connection to the other bloke…!

Walking around the market this week we came across the mushroom man and being the correct time of year he was purveying an array of ceps. IMG_0771We had already sorted dinner that night but found ourselves diverted by the fragrant ceps along with some gorgeous golden Girolle purchased from a little old lady who collects them herself and then sells them on in the market place. Continue reading Cep Platter

Le Vin, Le Pain, Le Madiran

 IMG_0749This week sees the annual Wine festival for the Madiran wine producers, here in the southwest of France. Madiran is known for full bodied reds, although white wines, and a great range of pudding wines are also produced across the Madiran area.

We all jumped in the car and took a drive over to see the festival, which is free to enter on payment of your tasting glass at 3 euro’s. It’s a shame for the elected driver on these occasions… Continue reading Le Vin, Le Pain, Le Madiran

Give as you live – it costs you nothing……

If you sign up to ‘give as you live’, when you shop online, the participating retailers, of which there are huge numbers like amazon etc, will make donations to charity on your behalf. I found out about give as you live through this blog; you can choose any charity listed. It’s easy to set up and if you buy online anyway, it seems rude not to sign up.

You can rotate your chosen charities at will, I’m currently supporting Parkinson’s – you choose who you would like the contribution to go to.

So you shop, and they pay….once signed up you can see your total mounting up and IT HAS COST YOU NOTHING.

Visit their site at