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Memories of Lahore…

In my spotty youth my ‘boyfriend’ for a few years was of Pakinstani origins, his father having been born in Lahore and his mother being from south London.

As you do in your teens, we spent time just loitering, and often around and about his father’s business premises. Masood, would often finish his work, load his workers and ourselves into some battered old vehicle and cart us off to the east…..that is the east end of London. Aldgate to be precise. He liked a taste of home and the Lahore Kebab house in Umberston street, E1 was just the thing. Continue reading Memories of Lahore…

Love X Love


We have a family wedding this week, preceded by cousins arriving from the US who we haven’t seen in a while.

Apart from all the mania that goes with wedding plans, and visiting loved ones, we have a brief moment of calm and solitude to ‘stand and stare’. Continue reading Love X Love

Breakfast in London, Drinks in Africa, Supper in Bangkok, Cocktails in the sky


After months of anticipation we had finally arrived in Thailand and our first stop – Bangkok. Although shattered we had our priorities well and truly in order and following a quick survey of our rooms and a shower, we agreed to meet in reception to step out on the town.

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Somewhere, over the mystic rainbow trout, summer solstice is here…


Some would say a magical time – I’d be one of them. Today in London we will enjoy 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight…..we plan to spend the evening outside.


When I was a child and we were driving to our Devon holidays, my dad would always stop the car as we crossed Salisbury plain, so we could get a good look at Stonehenge. In those days you could park nearby and walk right up to the stones unimpeded – we loved it. I was always so excited about it and would weave stories about ancient times in my mind. Continue reading Somewhere, over the mystic rainbow trout, summer solstice is here…

un œuf is un œuf !


We are in the midst of  feverish activity, family arriving from the States, No2’s wedding, I hate my hair – my suck it in pants aren’t working, the house is a mess, the garden is a tip, things to prepare, work is manic – STOP!!!!! Continue reading un œuf is un œuf !

Curry in a hurry?


So a dish in a hurry, with some comfort to it was what I was after when I raided the kitchen after work on Wednesday. Rocket was due to be working late so it was just a case of something quick for me. After I had started prepping, Rocket arrived home, so I just threw in some more potatoes, added some extra bread and eggs….

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A curly tale of Provence

Once upon a time, Rocket and I were on holiday in Provence. We had rented what turned out to be a ramshackle farmhouse in the hills above Nice, it’s crowning glory being a stepped garden with a pool terrace hanging on to the edge of a precipice from which there was a stunning view across the landscape.

The house was set in a sort of pine forest, along a track, there were a few other old stone houses dotted around but no immediate neighbours – lovely. Continue reading A curly tale of Provence