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Bang On!

IMG_3995I use to work near a pub where they did a comfort dish of penne in an Italian sausage tomato sauce. It was rich and very moreish – the sausage sort of melts into the sauce and enriches it in a delicious way. Continue reading Bang On!

A is for Artichoke

IMG_1814Spending the last few weeks down in France gave me time to contemplate….. more than I had imagined because although not a technology freak, I have suffered a few weeks without it (unexpectedly) and realised that I value ‘it’ a little more than I thought. Continue reading A is for Artichoke

Travelling South

IMG_0639I don’t relish the idea of sitting ‘stacked’ on the motorway in Kent this week whilst trying to get across or through the channel to France for our holiday. Images of southern France occupy me now and I will float my way through the next few days dreaming of a warm breeze, the rustle of bamboo grass with the tantalizing tastes of Gascony on my lips. Continue reading Travelling South