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Rainy days and Mondays…don’t always get me down


Rain seems to turn a bank holiday into a ‘normal’ Monday without the usual warm and fuzzy feeling…it often becomes a day for doing chores, clearing out cupboards, getting rid of old paperwork…the dreaded bank account, washing, ironing, you get the picture. Occasionally it’s for pyjamas, freshly laundered with thick socks, the addition of a comfy sofa, a cuppa and a film (or in my case a box set of something I’ve seen 100 times like The West Wing or The Soprano’s). Continue reading Rainy days and Mondays…don’t always get me down

London has voted

I like to exercise my democratic right – I’m not saying that doesn’t occasionally blow up in my face though.

I’ve always felt conscious, prickly even about the late stage in history that provided the female vote in this country, less than 100 years of female emancipation in the UK. Just one good long lifetime ago, I’d have been denied that right. Those brave women did me a huge service and I will never forget it nor will I ever fail to exercise the right they gifted me. Equality may be a way off yet but at least I don’t have to throw myself in front of horse – someone did that for me and I am deeply grateful. Continue reading London has voted

Bedtime Reading


I love my kindle and I use it well. Always reading before I sleep, a habit developed throughout stressful jobs in the past. I am also trying to become a little more minimalist about the house these days, but…I could not do without cookery books. It is one of a few things that borders on a bit of a sickness within me, some of the others being table cloths, shoes, little dishes, Chelsea FC, second hand china crockery, and so on. Continue reading Bedtime Reading

The fastest talking chef in le Sud Ouest…


Part One

The eve of the Rugby world cup final in 2003, Rocket and I have flown into Toulouse on the late evening flight, we are embarking on an emotional journey that is to last for over ten years and which continues to this day….

We have collected the keys to our French home, our first real home together and we are as nervous as a pair of kittens. Continue reading The fastest talking chef in le Sud Ouest…

I left my heart…in San Francisco…da di da di daaaa


Sometimes I just want to eat snack food. It’s a theme in our family, Karl-Heinz being the snack food king with his ‘folded over’ cheese sandwich…Rocket with his hot spicy nuts (tee-hee) my lovely dad used to choose a cheese sarnie for his supper, he and Maman adhering to the dinner at 5.30 in the afternoon rule, you can hardly blame him for being peckish by 9 o’clock?. Continue reading I left my heart…in San Francisco…da di da di daaaa