A little milk and honey


Baked Camembert, pistachio, fig, sultana, pomegranate, thyme and honey.

There are definite moments for a proper pudding and there are times when grazing an assortment of cheeses is the perfect thang…

On occasion, I satisfy my desire for both and there are a mix of ways in which I might achieve this – baking a camembert is one …

In this case, I choose some dried fruits, ‘plumptuous’ golden sultanas, raisins and figs. img_8196There is a need to intensify the savoury, by choosing a punchy cheese, contrary to some tastes, I know. I find a mild cheese just too bland, once baked, and prefer the piquancy of a full-blooded variety. To complement and infuse the cheese with savoury, can be achieved with herbs and in this case I plump for thyme, slightly earthy and fragrant it works well with both the honey and the fruit . A hit of crushed pistachio adds texture, and the pop of a few pomegranate seeds will contribute both bitterness and colour.img_8199

The telly box babbles away in the background and it has started to rain quite persistently, I draw the curtains against the autumn weather and the early Diwali fireworks – I close them against the elements and to close off the strange and terrible tales conveyed by the evening news. Back to the tale…

I cut a cross in the rind on the top of the round and push it back slightly , so that the cheese might receive and img_8186meld with the thyme and it’s friends.

The oven goes on to 190 and we, my love and I, pile the topping high. We slather our offering with golden honey before sliding it forth to bake. Once soft, after about 15 minutes, we assemble the earlier baked shards of ciabatta bread and some sliced green apples. We scoop up the molten, honey soaked cheese.

img_8217There is unctuousness and an earthy tang, next a crunch then intense honeyed burst. A simple and quick supper or the pretty finale to a more substantial meal? The combinations are endless.



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