Snack and Saturday Story


I’m torn between rushing around to straighten up the detritus of my life that has accumulated throughout the house while I’ve been ill, or cuddling up on the sofa in my pyjamas while the wind and rain lash against the window panes.

Certainly, I have no desire to battle to the supermarket, I had planned to go the local farmers market but that is equally unappealing on this day. So, a mixture of both things has prevailed and I have run around in an effort to cleanse my environment so that it is all the nicer in which to lounge.

For my lunch, there will be a tasty snack made up of things I have in the fridge and which has turned out to be a wholesome and delicious, and will I think become the basis of a starter when feeding our friends in future.IMG_4306

For my supper, I’ll make two days worth of my own quick kedgeree, enough for me and then for my prodigal love when he returns tomorrow from India, where he has by all accounts had an utterly splendid time.

So I thought I would share my snacky lunch with you today and if you are all well behaved, I will share my special kedgeree with you next time….

5 minutes of effort. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin:

Goats cheese salad on sour dough with salted almonds and sherry dressing.IMG_4300

About 30 minutes before assembling the recipe, I thinly sliced a shallot and added the slices to a dish containing 2 tablespoons of sherry vinegar, ½ tsp of sugar, and ¼ tsp of salt – then left them to steep.

I put a griddle pan on to get ‘screaming’ hot, and cut a thick slice of good bread.

I rubbed a little oil and some black pepper onto the bread on both sides and then I placed it on the griddle and left it alone for about 2 minutes until grid marks appeared, before turning and repeating on the other side.IMG_4304

While the bread was toasting, I took 2 plums and quartered them, removing the stone. I washed a handful of water cress and drained on kitchen paper.

Next I removed the shallots from the vinegar mixture and to the mix I added 2 tsps of runny honey, then mixed well.

Once the bread was nicely toasted I removed it from the griddle and put it onto my plate.

I then placed 3 slices of goats cheese onto the griddle for just a few moments until it started to melt. It may look and smell quite strong but this one was actually mild and tangy.

I put the watercress and plums onto the bread and then added the warm goats cheese, and shallots then I drizzled the honey and sherry dressing over and sprinkled with salted almonds.


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