It was the week before Christmas….

Rocket and I do not get much ‘us’ time over the Christmas period, not a complaint but a statement of fact.

This year our nephew, Scouse, was to be married to the delightful Miss Brody right before Christmas (meaning things were even more hectic than usual)  still we managed to create one evening in all the madness of Christmas and weddings to have a meal together.

The problem was that we were heavily constrained by budget what with Christmas and all –  Rocket isn’t good with that for a start – and time was also an issue as usual.

Some diligent shopping led us to frozen lobsters on offer in one of the budget supermarkets – I was dubious on both ethical and quality grounds but looked into it and fears allayed, we pushed on.

We were looking for comfort not high cuisine, so we simply poached the lobster in butter, well it is Christmas! We made a crunchy apple slaw – white cabbage, green apple, pink onions, and carrot with a light mayo and tarragon vinegar dressing.

We added some matchstick fries and over all for texture and flavor we were very pleased with it.

It was very quick to prepare and did justice to some simple ingredients, so if you find yourself looking for a touch of luxury for under a tenner per head this New Year perhaps you can give it a go.

We are north of the border for New Years eve and intend a repeat of the budget lobster supper but this time with an oriental twist (having considered the haggis and then ruled it out for tonight on grounds of meat overload over Christmas).

A healthy and happy 2015 to you all.


2 thoughts on “Lobsterissamas”

  1. And a very healthy and Happy New year to you both too. Have a great time and I’ll think of you as I tip back a Whisky tonight. Cheers and good health…… See you next year 🙂

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