A Partridge in a Pie Crust….

IMG_1077On the first day of Christmas my Rocket said to me…. “I am making a game pie” – he sweated buckets over it and it was a little jewel, served on Boxing day. We have had a busy time and I have started a new job meaning that my time for blog world has been limited…. but in the way of new years resolutions, I feel a need to get back to it.

Rocket is working in Scotland over the new year and I have joined him…a little R&R for me, a little time to ‘stand and stare’ for us both. 2014 has been a hard year on a number of levels, and some of those things will also feature in 2015, but with renewed energy and reflecting on the funny and warm moments with family and friends through 2014, I might indulge myself by capturing some of the more recent events through the medium of food in the next few posts…

So to my blog sisters and brothers, and the cast list of ‘in search’ you know who you are… I hope you had a merry merry Christmas and a happy new year…. lets hope 2015 is a good one, with plenty of beer…..(and pie). IMG_1079

7 thoughts on “A Partridge in a Pie Crust….”

  1. Great looking meat pie. My English grandmother worked in a pastry shop in Derby while she was growing up. She made amazaing meat pies, this looks every bit as good.

    Hope you are able to keep up the blogging. I am also going back to full time work this month, 2014 was an interesting and challenging year on many fronts. I hope 2015 is a good one for you.

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