French Produce, Thai Style…


Rocket’s death cell supper was consolidated on our trip to Thailand last year. He had been hankering after this oyster omelette of which he had heard tell, and he had spoken about it to us all at length.

When, one evening whilst in Bangkok, the opportunity to go and eat in China town presented it self he soon had us all rounded up.

China town was quite an experience especially when trying to move along as crocodile of eight people, all searching for something but perhaps not quite the same things as one another…. such is life.

Rocket was not deterred and forcefully led us on, Marmoset and I querying boldly why the last restaurant wouldn’t do us???? He pushed on until we were able to be seated, a) together and b) in a place he was sure would have his heart’s desire.

I must say that Rocket is most usually a purist about his oysters, we have had our home in South West France for 11 years now and have been coming to France for more years than that – I rarely see him taken more than a squeeze of lemon on the exquisite beasts. ( I’m allergic to them, do NOT get me started).


So to find that this omelette met his exacting standards, was suprising to say the least, especially when I consider what a bizarre evening we had in the stifling heat, traffic and discord that seemed to follow on from there –  I shall not expand on that (but anyone who wants to buy mIMG_1829e beer at some stage can have the story, no problem). The main thing was that a few of us took great pleasure in seeing him beaming away to himself whilst munching away on his supper.

Rocket purchased some beautiful atlantic coast oysters a few days ago  and set out to re-create his Thai omelette experience….over to Rocket.

Having done a little research on youtube and t’internet generally (what did we do before the interweb cyberspace? – oh yeah, God bless Mrs Beaton! Not sure she had too many references to the Thai night markets and their glorious street food though!) I discovered that the stuff of my dreams wasn’t simply crack a couple of eggs, lightly beat, throw into a pan of melted butter, stir, add oysters and serve.

Oh no Sir-ee, there’s a batter to make and fry first, then pour over said batter the beaten eggs. Now it’s decision time, some cut and chop the omelette as it sets, others leave whole in the form of a more traditional omelette then add the jewels of the sea and alleged key to marathon bed performances (I had six the other day and disappointingly , only four of them worked! boom boom!!) I digress…….

With nothing but French flour (who knows if it was self raising or plain!) and cornflour at my disposal I had to be creative so, based on the youtube viewings I decided to go for a 2 Tablespoons of Flour 1 Tablespoon Cornflour combo. I shucked the 6 Oysters, carefully saving their salty liquour, which I added to the flour mix then enough water to make a runny mixture. I also put some fish sauce into the batter mix having seen various unidentifiable Oriental seasonings added in the video clips.


I oiled my pan with some sunflower oil and ladled in enough batter to coat the pan. I decided to align myself with the Church of the Chopped Omelette so having cut into the batter mix I added my 2 beaten eggs. This reunited the omelette allowing my to flip it to cook through. I decided it could probably do with more egg so I quickly added another. More cutting with my wooden spatula gave sight of the bottom of the pan so a splash more oil then the oysters were added and flash fried.

Turn out onto a plate, garnish with some freshly chopped green chilli and the green tops of spring onions and, if I say so myself, a dish I would have gladly handed over a handsome number of Thai Bhat for.IMG_0485


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