I love you for your pink Cadillac


musical_notes_set_blackCrushed velvet seats
Riding in the back, oozing down the street
Waving to the girls
Peeling out of sight
Spending all my money on a Saturday night
Honey, I just wonder what you do there in back of your pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac

I had a really strange day…. culminating in dinner at the establishment featured here. It is the Pizzeria Miniport near Lannemezan, France. We did eat there once before many years ago before their theme was changed to Tex Mex. We discovered however that it was Tex Mex with a great big dollop of Gascony in it…


Not only was the whole thing unexpectedly odd when we had just popped out for a Pizza, but whilst we were in the restaurant a  freak storm took place, and if I tell you that the roof is made of corrugated metal and that we were the only ones in the place you may have some inkling of the bizarre experience.

Rocket went out to our car to check on the little munchkin as she hates thunder and was very frightened – the proprietress did not blink before allowing her inside and unbidden, brought a bowl of water straight over – how kind they are, the French are so welcoming!


We ordered some starters – which were unavailable so settled to share something, that turned out to be not very nice chicken wings with very average onion rings and then slices of chorizo….?

I ordered the Goelette Pizza and Rocket ordered a Tart Alsacienne which is like a pizza with onions Lardons etc and was similar in chose of flavours to mine.

The Pizzas arrived and were simply stunning. Fresh, crisp light base, creamy rich topping and the egg in the centre my pizza soft runny and delicate. I can highly recommend the Pizza if ever you swing by that way.IMG_1907

It was still odd though…and in the  midst of the Pink Cadi that sits in the middle of the dining area, the cowboy hat wearing chef and cardigan clad lady at front of house, The Marmoset was texting me and enjoying, I felt, the strange nature of my evening. I tried to briefly explain the weird place I was in, she asked me if ‘uncle fester was there’?. This is due to an unfortunate experience in a restaurant in Vegas, where we encountered a Fester like waiter who stuck his thumb in my friend’s potato in response to our having said it was cold…

and having picked up on the theme, she sent me this….


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