Easy like Sunday Morning

IMG_1850We had a slightly more cosmopolitan breakfast than usual yesterday morning. It was another sunny day and we were up and hopeful of a relaxing one with a bit of lounging and swimming. Some bananas languished in the fruit bowl, just about to go past their useful best so Rocket decided to make some smoothies.

IMG_1871Our breakfast will generally consist of some eggs gifted to us from Jean-Claude our farmer friend from along the lane with some bread and maybe some local honey or Jam. It’s a  beautiful thang, you only have to see these eggs from the chickens that roam free across our lane to know that they are fresh and packed with flavour.

However, the idea of the smoothie caused a frisson because of the addition of a great ingredient.IMG_1859

Our friends Awkward and City had arrived with us after a stay in Geneva with friends of theirs who live full time in Madagascar. The couple and were staying at her parents home in Switzerland in celebration of her birthday and Awkward and City had joined them there where…..’The Madagascar 4′, as we shall call them, as they have 2 girls, gave gifts of Vanilla pods from their home.

IMG_1858Once the precious cargo had been driven from Geneva, to Meze on the Med coast, for a little break, they made their way to the Pyrenees and before flying home to the UK, some of the cargo was generously shared with us.

So, City and I sitting around a day or so earlier pondering on all the things you could use them for but neither being great dessert makers and City not even enjoying custard our creative juices didn’t flow too freely at that stage.

I can report though, that a banana, orange and natural yoghurt smoothie with added fresh vanilla bean seeds is a thing of beauty.

Sunday breakfast, was a leisurely affair spent dreaming of Madagascar, the Mediterranean, the Alps and of course….The Pyrenees which were brightly lit by the cobalt sky and brilliant sunshine.IMG_1853

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