Tarragon from London, Limousin Beef and the Pyrenees


Safely ensconced at the shack, having rushed through vacuuming up bugs, etc and held our heads in shame at the weeds that have sprung up everywhere, we have a frisson of anticipation in regards to this evening’s supper.

We spent yesterday evening in the Limousin region of France and as we shuffled through the small town we stayed in we stumbled across one of those fabulous tiny little butchers and charcuterie. The butcher talked us through his local grass fed beef and we were sold on a  couple of sirloin steaks ready for our dinner tonight, he threw in a few bones for The Munchkin – what a sweetie. Here is the place


On the remaining drive, we pondered on the items we had brought with us from London – we always bring along any fresh food from our fridge whether from London to here or back again – as we don’t like to waste food.. We had some tarragon, butter, potatoes etc, we’d just need some eggs and we would have the makings of  Bearnaise sauce (Bearn being the direct neighbour of Gascony, the historical name for our area) it seemed fitting. Add some frites, a salad with vinaigrette and we felt this would be a good start to our holiday. IMG_0718
More about Gascony in the next few weeks no doubt, but let’s just say it is Musketeer country.

Rocket rattled around in the kitchen for a while whilst I knocked up the salad, we went with  Jamie Oliver version of the sauce.

It has been baking hot today, and we are bIMG_1805oth shattered from the journey and our work exploits of recent weeks, so a great steak and glass of wine, a view of the mountains and good night’s sleep….bliss.



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