Pass the ‘Duchy’….No! Don’t pass it, go inside!


There is great excitement in London SE11– well there is in our house anyway!

There is a new kid on the block in the form of ‘The Duchy Arms’ and sneak previews have revealed a beautiful and classy job has been done on this old pub at the end of Courtenay Street. Yes, I am aware it has had a few incarnations in recent years, but this time it’s a proper job…

We understand that the new owners will be serving some stunning food options and they are currently renovating the far side of the pub (which is closed off tastefully) to form a proper dining area. In place of the old car park is a little patio garden that the patrons will develop further once kitchen works are fully complete.

I have to confess knowing the ‘to be’ exec chef and I have eaten his amazing food, so I have no reason to think this will be anything other than a fabulous addition to the neighbourhood.

In my mind, it’ll be the perfect place for a warm welcome a friendly pint or glass of great wine (and we can’t say that for all the pubs in our area) but also a great ‘destination’ dining place. It looks as if food menu’s will come aboard at the end of July.IMG_1450

Why not call in for a drink, say hi to Nicholas the charming manager and see what they have planned?

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