Pub Lunch?


We know how to go out for lunch – mob handed….

There is a pub near where my family live the ‘silver’ lunchers always use it for their regular get togethers.

We had occasion to meet up there yesterday and to the credit of the staff they cope with a table of 22 people with aplomb. The team were outstanding at guiding our large group through really efficiently.

We had arrived and got some drinks, when, you will never believe it…. Nigel Farage walked in. I felt quite sick, him being very unpopular with me. I was comforted to see that my sister in law, The Minx, got suitably riled up at the sight of him too. We resisted the urge to smack him one, I though that might come later but he departed so we shall never know. I can rarely say this but it very nearly put me off my lunch.

Back to the tale.

The ‘Alleyns Head’ is in Dulwich south London and while it has been there forever, it has in more recent years become a dining pub. The menu is quite broad and includes the pub grub standard fare as well as a few more things – it’s strength would be the broad appeal of the options. I don’t think of it as a gastro pub, I’d catergorise it as the top end of ‘pub food’. This makes it excellent value of money.

I had the line caught cod and chips, which was very nice indeed and Rocket had the slow cooked long rib of beef, which was outstanding in it’s gelatinous unctuousness.

I thought that the fish cakes looked really nice, they had oats in the crumb for texture which is something I will try.

My cousin Petal had been longing for a pie, her rare visits to the UK provide the opportunity and she wasn’t disappointed.

I’d categorise the company of our family, as ready to laugh and like as well as love each other, it’s good to get together.

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