Love X Love


We have a family wedding this week, preceded by cousins arriving from the US who we haven’t seen in a while.

Apart from all the mania that goes with wedding plans, and visiting loved ones, we have a brief moment of calm and solitude to ‘stand and stare’.

Rocket made some delicious pan fried salmon with a courgette spaghetti and peppers, he did the crushed new potatoes then roasted them with butter, flecks of red and green chillies and some chopped parsley. They were really lovely, he made it with love – he took some pics but doesn’t like them. I concede they don’t match the vibrancy of flavour which was really good but I think it looks colourful on this sunny summer evening.

We’ve cleaned the house, we’ve tidied the garden, we’ve packed our bags and we’ve washed the dog. We are ready to enjoy the company of loved ones and the laughter that will ensue.

Ahead of that, we have some tickets to an outdoor concert at Hampton Court Palace, an evening of music, friends, and sunshine (we hope) to relax us further. It’s not Glastonbury, I grant you, that will be next year so no wellie’s needed!

Salmon for supper tonight, George Benson for supper tomorrow, and a wedding on Tuesday, how lovely.

Love x Love.

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