Poppy, Rocket and Midge

Still light this early summer evening, the first time the sun has bloomed this week…..he leans forward and gently kisses my cheek. I smile, look down at the menu. “I’ll have the Etna Romana”, he orders “Da Morire”.

Around us, children dance, laugh, cry…

I gaze through the huge panes to the main road, people going home, hurrying and scurrying. My deli should have been open by now. I stare at a still empty store front – out of my price bracket…the accountant inside me won over and above the bold entrepreneur.

He reads my thoughts, touches my cheek, we laugh.

The Pizza’s arrive, crisply golden and rich with colour – a treat.

Strolling back across the tree lined square, I know I’m lucky…no regrets.


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