M’hat M’Curry


Wednesday was the new Thursday this week. Why not totally spank my health regime with a trip to a Kennington Institution – Ghandi’s.

Rocket is away to Scotland tomorrow so we are out on a Wednesday – this will cause a great deal of confusion for me at 6am tomorrow when the alarm goes off and I get up and stagger around with one leg in my knickers and one eye stuck shut. Back to the tale…

What Ghandi’s do, is to be absolutely consistent. They have a menu which is not filled with new approaches to Indian food, it is not limited but instead is filled with those dishes you would expect to see in a ‘British Indian Restaurant’ plus a healthy selection of chef specialities. This includes a Thali which, pleases me, as I have noted of late the trendier spots are avoiding that as a dining option.

However, we decided to have a bit of sharing thing, as is our wont. I know I should be impartial and not drip on about it, but the waiters are so nice in there… so we were off with a couple of drinks and a few popps. We ordered the chicken with spinach and asked them to ‘heat’ it up a bit for us – it came up studded with fresh green chilli to a perfect temperature.

Also the aubergine bhaji, lately something of an obsession with me, I’m loving spicy aubergine dishes (sorry DJ I just can’t help myself). The perfect onion bhaji, crisp not oily received Rockets approval, praise indeed.

Some sag paneer, completed the set, creamy but not floating in cream, and the usual light and ethereal bread – good enough for The Mahatma.

Everything was delightful, from the crisp white cloths on  the table (v. important to me) to the lighting, soft and ambient (v.v. important to me) and the unobtrusive yet attentive service. It’s consistent is what it is, is what it is.


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