The Crew


I’ve been working as a temp in a managerial role for nearly a year now. This has been an interesting experience on any number of levels – none of which have anything to do with the work I do personally but at least there is some interest. All in all I’d like to apologise to any temp I’ve ever managed, for not recognising how under valued they are generally. I have, though, voluntarily entered this pathway and for now, it suits me just fine.

Now I can tell you about my teams – collectively called ‘the crew’. Almost all younger than me, some with ambition, many without….all have virtues that have gone unappreciated in the past.  They are currently going through a process of re-applying or their own roles (some of them for the 3rd or 4th time  in recent years) as part of a change program of government cuts…it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s no fun. I’ve grown to love ’em in a funny way, and have resolved to provide some sort of barbecue cocktail extravaganza for those that want it before I move on.

The Crew have a varied and voracious appetite for the local eateries in and around St Pancras and well, anywhere in London. They are collectively quite a funny and endearing bunch – I mean funny ha ha – in many ways they have kept me sane during some seriously bizarre moments recently. If you frequented the area 10 years ago, you may be amazed by the transformation in the locale. This has been one of the highlights and reasons for me to cross the Thames to the frozen north these last months. I must say the team appetite to eat junk has had a very negative impact on me – because I am weak…and I have now tried to correct this by following the 5:2 diet. This should allow me to indulge my passion 5 days of the week – but it’s all proving a bit unsuccessful as I’m overdoing the 5 days in between as usual.

Anyway, amongst a few nice places and the obvious charm of having 2 of the most attractive mainline stations you could wish for – the Parcel Yard is a pub that sits within the precincts of Kings Cross Station. Hidden at the far end – this is undoubtedly the nicest station pub I’ve ever been to (in the UK). Foreign station eateries shall be a future subject….

I think there may be other little gems lurking in stations around the UK but I was long ago put off venturing into them following experiencing very grotty, dirty, sticky old places and following The Marmoset’s handbag being stolen from under out feet in such a place one Christmas eve. Anyway – in a note to myself, I imagine there might now be some redeeming establishments and I intend to follow this line of research further.

Back to The Parcel Yard – the food is on the exy side of gastro pub but the menu is very much up my modern British street, and who can argue with a tasty mackerel fish cake with beetroot – I mean who?

Anyway, tonight’s supper (Rocket is away working, so catering to my own whims) my tip for a really lovely low calorie diet day dish. Get some ‘zero noodles’ from somewhere like Holland and Barrett and pile them into a broth made with chicken stock, pak choi or other greens, fish sauce, garlic, red chilli and a pinch of sugar, Ginger batons and lemon grass. Throw in some prawns and top off with some fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime juice.

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